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National Poetry Month Spotlight: Tina Egnoski

Busking, Providence

Saxophone moonglint at last-stop bar.  Slushy
street on a January night.  I have fifteen
minutes before the horn freezes.  Open-fingered
wool mittens, shades.  The spill of relief: bladder on pavement
and bills in my open case.  I breathe exhaust and beer and starry
night questions.  Woman with a black eye holds
up two fingers: peace or can I bum a smoke?  My own composition
chases the woozy jazzy blues, Marlborosticks
safe in pocket.

Closing up, an Asian man hands me a scribbled
card as payment.  Spiritual advice doesn’t pay rent.
Take and shove your John 3:16, your Do Unto Others,
your Dongbang 15 mm needles.  Your pressure
points, charkas, tourmaline, calendula, kripalu, Stairmaster,
macrobiotics, biorhythms, ten steps, MBAspeak, numerology,
Your fortune cookies, Feng Shui, Tao of Pooh, big
bang theory, sushi bar.  Your Follow Your Bliss.
Your Om.  Your poetry slam your dot.com your
weblog your neighborhood crime watch your I
Ching your whistleblower support
group your Atkins prayer mat spinning class
backgammon lust and empty nest syndrome.

Brickknocks, wallknocks, someone’s head hits
the sidewalk.  Innocent bystander becomes
witness.  Cops shoo us like kittens, kids.  Two-fifteen
and I gross seventy-five and a Chinese puzzle.
Cosmic joke, it reads: chicken or egg?

Q: What is your writing process?

A: I keep a notebook and write down thoughts, images, observations, overheard dialogue, etc.  Then I transfer these notes to the computer, looking for where the images intersect or where the disparate thoughts collide.  Since I write both poetry and fiction, sometimes these notes become a poem and other times they develop into a story.

Q: Is there an exciting poet (emerging or established) whose work you just discovered this year?

A: I just picked up Space, in Chains by Laura Kasischke.  She writes of grief, memory, of being a mother and being a daughter—and so much more.  She is also a fiction writer, so many of her poems read to me as micro-stories.

Q: If you could go on a one-week writing retreat anywhere in the world, where would you travel?

A: I think I’d just like to go to a cabin in the woods near a lake.  I don’t want to go anywhere too beautiful or exciting, like Venice or Paris, because then I’d be too tempted to go exploring instead of writing.

Tina Egnoski is the author of In the Time of the Feast Flowers, winner of the Clay Reynolds Novella Prize (Texas Review Press, 2012), and Perishables, which won the Black River Chapbook Competition (Black Lawrence Press, 2010).  Her work, both poetry and fiction, has been published in a number of literary journals, including Cimarron Review, Folio, Hawaii Pacific Review, and Louisville Review.  She grew up in Florida and currently lives in New England.

As Usual, We Picked A Good One

We’re pleased to report that Quiet Mountain Essays has published a glowing review of Perishables by Tina Egnoski. This fiction chapbook won the Fall, 2008 Black River Chapbook Competition “and as usual,” says the QME reviewer, “they picked a good one.”

This short story collection is filled with authentic Southern (think Floridian) voices, with each main character unselfconsciously sharing a slice of her life as she knows it to be, seemingly unaware of the poignancy and dignity with which she expresses it.
Something tells me that unlike the migrant friends of the title story, Egnoski (along with her cast of un-belle-like Southern gals) is here to stay.  I would happily read her next fresh offering…

Tina Egnoski Wins the Clay Reynolds Novella Award

Tina Egnoski, winner of the Fall, 2008 Black River Chapbook Competition, has recently won another award. Her manuscript, In the Time of the Feast of Flowers, won the 2010 Clay Reynolds Novella Award and will be published by Texas Review Press in the fall of 2011. Her chapbook Perishables is currently available from Black Lawrence Press and Amazon.

The Fall, 2010 Black River Chapbook Competition

Black Lawrence Press is now accepting submissions for the Fall, 2010 Black River Chapbook Competition.

The Black River Chapbook Competition is a semi-annual prize from Black Lawrence Press for a chapbook of short stories or poems. The winner receives $500 and publication. Previous winners of The Black River Chapbook Competition include: Helen Marie Casey, Frank Montesonti, D. E. Fredd, Sandra Kolankiewicz, Tina Egnoski, T. J. Beitelman, David Rigsbee, Lisa Fay Coutley, and Amelia Martens.

How to Enter

Please follow this link for information on how to submit your manuscript for The Black River Chapbook Competition.

The deadline for submissions is October 31.

We look forward to reading your work!

BLP Expands Its List

If you’ve been following the BLP blog, then you know of a few recent additions to the BLP family. In January, we announced that we’d accepted Killing the Murnion Dogs by Joe Wilkins and Instructions for Killing the Jackal by Erica Wright, two new collections of poetry due out in August and September of next year, respectively. In February, we announced that Carol Guess had become a part of our crew of poets; her collection Doll Studies: Forensics will be out in the beginning of 2012. Also in February we announced the acceptance of the novel/novel-in-stories/memoir/we don’t know what we’re calling it yet other than “rad” Pulled from the River by Jon Chopan.

There’s been lots of action since February and we are very pleased to announce that we’ve added a few more authors to the BLP family and also have new titles forthcoming from authors who have published with us in the past. Next fall we will publish Marginalia for a Natural History, a collection of poems by Keith Taylor.

We’ve also accepted two new books by Marcel Jolley, winner of the inaugural St. Lawrence Book Award and author of Neither Here Nor There. His short story collection, Priors, will come out in the spring of 2012, to be followed by his novel Milk Run in the spring of 2013. We’ve also got some new blood in our stable of fiction writers. Loving You the Way I Do, short stories by Ron Savage will be published in the summer of 2012.

We’re also very pleased to announce that our translation list is expanding as well. Daniele Pantano, author of the poetry collection The Oldest Hands In The World and the translation The Possible is Monstrous has two more translations coming out from BLP in the next few years: Oppressive Light: Selected Poems by Robert Walser (Spring, 2012) and The Complete Works of Georg Trakl (Spring, 2014). We’ve also got Dream Weed, a translation of Yvan Goll poems, by Nan Watkins coming out in July, 2012.

Those of you who are fans of T.J. Beitelman (Pilgrims: A Love Story) and David Rigsbee (winner of the Spring, 2009 Black River Chapbook Competition) will be happy to know that we have full-length collections from both poets coming out in mid-2012.

And, just so you know what you have to look forward to, BLP will release the following titles before the end of 2010: Every Bitter Thing by Hardy Jones, Perishables by Tina Egnoski, Pictures of Houses with Water Damage by Michael Hemmingson, The Consequence of Skating by Steven Gillis, Triggermoon Triggermoon by JuliaCohen, Speech Acts by Laura McCullough, and The Pilot House by David Rigsbee.

We’ve currently closed submissions until August 15th while we catch up on submissions. We’re hoping to have more good news by the end of the summer once we read all of the manuscripts in our queue. As always, thanks for reading!

-Diane Goettel
Executive Editor, Black Lawrence Press

P.S. Don’t forget that the deadline for the St. Lawrence Book Award is August 31st!

Reminder: Chapbook Competition Deadline


This is just a friendly reminder that the Black River Chapbook Competition deadline is May 31st.

About the Prize: The Black River Chapbook Competition is a semi-annual prize from Black Lawrence Press for a chapbook of short stories or poems. The winner receives $500 and publication. Previous winners of The Black River Chapbook Competition include: Helen Marie Casey, Frank Montesonti, D.E. Fredd, Sandra KolankiewiczT. J. Beitelman, Tina Egnoski, David Rigsbee, and Lisa Fay Coutley.

How to Enter: Please follow this link for information on how to submit your manuscript for The Black River Chapbook Competition.

Questions? Contact Diane Goettel at diane@blacklawrencepress.com.

We look forward to reading your work!


Diane and the BLP Team

Past Winners of the Black River Chapbook Competition