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As Usual, We Picked A Good One

We’re pleased to report that Quiet Mountain Essays has published a glowing review of Perishables by Tina Egnoski. This fiction chapbook won the Fall, 2008 Black River Chapbook Competition “and as usual,” says the QME reviewer, “they picked a good one.”

This short story collection is filled with authentic Southern (think Floridian) voices, with each main character unselfconsciously sharing a slice of her life as she knows it to be, seemingly unaware of the poignancy and dignity with which she expresses it.
Something tells me that unlike the migrant friends of the title story, Egnoski (along with her cast of un-belle-like Southern gals) is here to stay.  I would happily read her next fresh offering…

From the Refrigerator into the Fire

Sandra Kolankiewicz, author of Turning Inside Out, has published a piece in Quiet Mountain Essays. The essay, “From the Refrigerator into the Fire: Why I am like a MADD Mother”, is about her experiences raising an autistic son.

You can read the essay here.

For the Emigrant or Immigrant in All of Us

There is a glowing review of Immigrant by Marcela Sulak in Quiet Mountain Essays. In it, reviewer Suzanne Sunshower writes:

Immigrant is for the emigrant or immigrant in all of us. It’s a heaping portion of culture stirred by memories, ladled from a huge melting pot that’s parsleyed to the hilt with wonderful imagery . . . Immigrant is not just about food; it is a book which reminds us that history is memory, too.

You can read the entire review by following this link.

Immigrant is available from Black Lawrence Press and Amazon.

These Are Earned Offerings

There is a new review of Turning Inside Out by Sandra Kolankiewicz in Quiet Mountain Essays. In the review, Suzanne Sunshower writes:

In each offering of this slim volume, Kolankiewicz seems to take a big bite out of some past life. She then mulls it over carefully, making a few judgements along the way. A reader has the feeling that this author has lived many lives (or at least a few), and has survived them all, intact, to tell their tales. These are earned offerings…

You can read the entire review here.

Turning Inside Out won the Fall, 2007 Black River Chapbook Competition. It is available from Black Lawrence Press and Amazon.