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BRCC Finalists Announced

We’re very pleased to announce the finalists for the Fall, 2010 Black River Chapbook Competition. Thanks so much to everyone who participated and congratulations to those who made it to the finalist rounds. We look forward to announcing the winner which we plan to do in short order.

And the finalists are…

Poetry Finalists

Charlotte Pence- Branches
Damon McLaughlin- Olduvai Theory
Erin Bertram- Stumblefoot
Jaimie Gusman- The Anyjar
Martin Rock- Notes After a Harlequin Apocalypse
Nicholaus Patnaude- Uncle Monster’s Rafters
Rachael Lyon- The Normal Heart and How It Works
Rebecca Givens- Tender Me Now
Sandra Faulkner- Hello Kitty Goes to College
Sean Hill- Minnesota Blues

Poetry Semi-Finalists

Adam Million- Dead Reckoning
Adam Vines and Allen Jih-According to Discretion
Caroline Klocksiem Circumstances of the House & Moon
Cathryn Cofell & Karla Huston- Split Personality
David Hawkins- The Dark Adaptation
K. M. A. Sullivan- Bodies in Pieces
Marjorie Manwaring- What to Make of a Diminished Thing
Martin Rock and Tricia Taaca- Vertibratariat
Rachel Mehl- Letter to Amber in November
Steven Tarlow- Bitter Herbs

Fiction Finalists

Alexandra Chasin- Under the Susurrus
Heather Clitheroe- I Bet I Can Find a Million People Who Hate Slab Cakes
Simon Smith- The Only Reasonable Explanation
Stace Budzko- Gimme, Gimme, Gimme
Stefanie Freele- Buccaneers

Fiction Semi-Finalists

Barbara Milton- Resurrections
Jill Widner- The Underwater Room
Jill Widner- The Guest House in Old Camp
Ryder Collins- We were listening for the shattering
Steve Mitchell- How to Pray

Black River Chapbook Competition Long List

Many congratulations to the people who have made it to the long list for the Spring, 2010 Black River Chapbook Competition. We will announce a short list and the winner of the competition before the end of the month. Drumroll, please…

Before the Rain – Jill Widner
Echolocation – Adam Hayden
First Service – Phillip Sterling
Frogs, Snakes, And All Of The Children – Barbara Milton
Guava Launchers – Stefanie Freele
How to Set a House on Fire – Stace Budzko
Iris In – Kryssa Schemmerling
Last Night – Charlotte Pence
Notebook of the Early Millennium – Jesse Nathan
Purgatory – Amelia Martens
Second Story of Your Body – Angela Hume
Sketches of Bodies at the Næsti Bar – Jane Varley
Slippage – Christopher Munde
Some Other Sort of Hunger – Nicole Reid
Stone Belly Girl – James Granger
Terra Australis – Lucas Street
The Company of Animals – Amy McCann
The Five Points of Performance – Chris Mohar
The Flasher – Adam Peterson
The Iron Mountain – Michael Haeflinger
The Other World – Cassie Schmitz
The Prince of Denmark – Jay Kauffmann
The Underwater Room – Jill Widner
The Woman We Imagine – Andrew Touhy
What to Make of a Diminished Thing – Marjorie Manwaring