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A Sure-Footed Display of the Heart’s Ability to Reclaim Itself

Check out this great review of The Consequence of Skating from Booklist:

A compelling meditation on media influence and social isolation, Gillis’ fourth novel explores the struggle for redemption and acceptance in a world saturated by information. Ten months out of therapy for dope abuse, once-promising actor Mickey Greene works the off-season late shift at an amusement park in the small but prominent art town of Aldwich. A pop-conscious news junkie, Mick bides his time ice-skating while he obsesses over former girlfriend Darcie and dreams of producing Harold Pinter’s play Moonlight, which he is convinced will resurrect his acting career. He soon befriends Cam, a 12-year-old ice-skater without parental constraint; begins dating a successful local singer; and keeps tabs on his mysterious friend Ted, who has turned a personalized porn program into a dangerous political forecaster known as G.O.D. As Mick establishes an improvised family to help him repair the mistakes of his past, he soon realizes that nothing can prepare him for his greatest challenge yet—success. Meticulous and provocative, Gillis’ tale is a sure-footed display of the heart’s ability to reclaim itself, one step at a time. –Jonathan Fullmer

The Consequence of Skating is available from Black Lawrence Press and Amazon.

Anatolia and Other Stories Reviewed in Booklist

Anatolia and Other Stories by Anis Shivani has been reviewed in Booklist:

Each arresting story in this substantial collection illuminates a completely different world.  In “Dubai,” a longtime guest worker suddenly loses his secret ally.  In “Manzanar,” a man endures confinement in an American internment camp for Japanese nationals.  A Boston curator turns rogue.  Two university professors in Madison, Wisconsin, she a blazing star, he fading fast, adopt a Vietnamese boy.  In the title story, set in seventeenth-century Turkey, a Muslim judge is caught between powerful interests, while his beautiful, brainy daughter enjoys debating from behind a screen with a smart, ebullient Jewish trader.  We meet another judge in present-day Tehran, a determined young Gypsy woman in mid-twentieth-centruy Indiana, and a conflictual family in newly independent India.  Shivani possesses a genuinely global imagination and the miraculous ability to infuse a short story with a novel’s worth of psychological and social complexity.  Caustically funny, broadly knowledgeable, and sharply attuned to the tectonic shifting between tradition and change and the friction between immigrants and natives, generations, and genders, Shivani touches on injustices intimate and planetary in extraordinary stories of weight and luminosity.

–Donna Seaman, Booklist

Wow. Just wow. We are thrilled with this review.

You can order copies of Anatolia and Other Stories from the Black Lawrence Press website and from Amazon.