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Speed Date with Sarah Suzor

Suzor_CoverThe Buoyant Group recently caught up with the lovely Sarah Suzor and asked her a few questions about storytelling: “A simple example: I see a sunset and I think of a song. I think of a song and I remember a lover. I remember a lover and recall the last thing they said to me. I recall the last thing they said to me and I trip on that damn crack in the sidewalk. I trip on that damn crack in the sidewalk and a red car passes by. There goes a whole other story. In a matter of minutes. I think we all operate that way; I just allow myself the time and space to throw all of it into words.” Read the rest here (and buy her prizewinning poetry collection The Principle Agent here.)


Edwards CoverThe Nervous Breakdown says it best: “The Aversive Clause is out from Black Lawrence Press. And it is fucking great.”

They’re totally right. Buy it here.

Abayomi Animashaun: On Winning the Hudson Prize

Animashaun CoverPoet Abayomi Animashaun talks about his experience winning the 2008 Hudson Prize for his sublime collection The Giving of Pears:
“For me, news of winning the Hudson Prize came at a time of great difficulty. A time when I was so thoroughly cornered, I became convinced that I was a loser pretending at verse. So, when I got the news, I was sure the editors had made a mistake.
But they hadn’t. Then I saw the names of all the finalists and semi-finalists, and it scared the hell out of me. I knew some of the poets, and I had read and enjoyed their work a good deal. Any of us could have taken the prize that year.
It’s still a mystery to me why my manuscript was chosen. But, I am grateful that my work has found home with a press and a group of editors that understand my spirit and believe in my imagination. Even beyond the prize, they are still with me. Listening and urging me toward my best work.

In a way, I guess the Hudson Prize tells me that even though I fail at poetry 99% of the time (as I do in other aspects of my life), it’s okay to take up the pen and try a hundredth time.”

Working with Abayo was an immense pleasure for us! A reminder that the 2013 Hudson Prize deadline is March 31: submit here.

Upcoming Reading: Tracy DeBrincat

DeBrincat coverSave the date: Tracy DeBrincat, novelist extraordinaire, will read from her Big Moose Prize-winning title Hollywood Buckaroo on February 23 at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena, CA. Don’t miss out! (And buy a copy of this hilarious and incisive book here…)



No surprise to us: The Rumpus raves about Brad Ricca’s “entertaining, bold, and wholly original” poetry collection, writing “Few poets choose to share poignant emotions with a cheeky smile and a sly wink. It is rare indeed when a poet manages to successfully blend comedy with genuine emotional insight, but that is exactly what Brad Ricca has accomplished with his first collection, American Mastodon.” To wit: there’s a poem in here titled “Bartleby and Emily Dickinson’s First Date.” What more do you need to know? (Read the review here, buy the book here.)

We have a winner! Fall 2012 Black River Chapbook Competition

We’re so excited to announce the winner — congratulations to Simone Muench, whose manuscript Trace has won the Fall 2012 Black River Chapbook Competition!

We’re also pleased to announce that Black Lawrence Press will be publishing two chaps from among our finalists: The New Sorrow Is Less Than the Old Sorrow by Jenny Drai and Oh My Darling by Cate Stevens-Davis.

A complete listing of our finalists and semi-finalists can be found on our blog.

Big thanks to all who entered, and welcome to the BLP family, Simone, Jenny, and Cate!

Coming up in this week’s Sapling

“Know what kind of poet you are and submit to journals that publish poets like you. Don’t choose a journal via some database or website that gathers info on journals…get out there and read and follow your favorite contemporaries and submit to where they publish. Publish where you enjoy reading.”–Chris Tonelli, editor and series curator, the So and So Series and So and So magazine, from this week’s feature. Also, we feature the latest from the likes of: The Iowa ReviewHayden’s Ferry Review! Etherdome Press!

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Coming up in this week’s Sapling

“The idea at the core of this notion of collaboration is that we don’t want to operate out of some fixed idea of what poetry or literature or the book can be but we want to constantly redefine and challenge our editorial criteria…I think that collaborative model results in amazingly varied choices and surprising juxtapositions with the other books in our Futurepoem books series.”–Dan Machlin & Jennifer Tamayo, Editors at Futurepoem Books, from this week’s feature. Also, we feature the latest from the likes of: CrazyhorseThe Normal School! Manic D Press!

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Happy Holidays from Sapling and BLP!

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Happy Holidays from Sapling and all of us here at BLP!

We’ve got some good news for small press lovers: We were so thrilled by the response to our summer newsletter sale that we’ve decided to retain our sale price year-round. Same great Sapling—at half the price. Sapling makes a great holiday gift for writers (or, ahem, for yourself!). You can subscribe at our shiny new price of just $25, or you can choose to sign up for six months of Sapling for only $15.

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In 2012, we profiled 52 writing contests, 52 lit journals, and 52 small / independent presses. Our features included:

*Interviews with journal and small press editors Mike Young (Noo & Magic Helicopter), Carl Annarummo (Greying Ghost), Melissa Faliveno (Poets & Writers), Drew Krewer and Maureen McHugh (The Destroyer), Aaron Burch (Hobart), Sampson Starkweather (Birds, LLC), Christian Peet (Tarpaulin Sky), Caroline Crew & Chris Emslie (ILK), Erin Costello & Mark Rockswold (SpringGun), Bruce Covey (Coconut), and Ravi Shankar (Drunken Boat)

*Articles on writers’ conferences like Breadloaf, Juniper, the Lambda Writers’ Retreat, Sewanee, and the Dzanc Sessions

*Emerging author interviews with Jennifer Denrow, Sarah C. Harwell, Leigh Stein, Amaranth Borsuk, James Tadd Adcox,  and Emily Pettit

And we have so much exciting stuff lined up for 2013, including interviews with the editors of Futurepoem Books, So and So, and Black Balloon Publishing, and emerging author interviews with Lily Ladewig, Shane McCrae, and Daniela Olszewska.

We’ve got great things planned for 2013 that you won’t want to miss!

Coming up in this week’s Sapling

“Much like submitting to contests, I think it’s important to send work out throughout the writing process. It’s kind of like throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks.”–Lily Ladewig, author of The Silhouettes,  from this week’s feature. Also, we feature the latest from the likes of:  Center for Literary Publishing! Prism InternationalNew Delta ReviewNew American Writing! Maverick Duck Press! Harvard Square Editions!

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