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A New Collection by Anis Shivani

anatoliaThe wildly prolific and talented Anis Shivani, author of Anatolia and Other Stories, has a new short story collection, The Fifth Lash and Other Stories, on shelves; check out a recent NewPages review, in which Shivani’s stories are called “compelling, interesting, and useful in unpacking complex strata of cultural identity”. (And buy Anatolia here…)


Edwards loves B. C. Edwards’ prizewinning short story collection: “The stories in The Aversive Clause draw your attention all over the place, creatively, and delightfully so. If you think the premise of a zombie-romance ala Warm Bodies sounds exciting, wait until you read this book’s gay zombie story ‘Sweetness!’ These stories are loaded with high-concept imagination, but  carry real weight and angst in their sentences. You might be grinning while reading these stories, but they’ll stick with you long after you close the book.” Yep. It’s true. Read the entire review here, and buy a copy here.


Prince Front CoverPublishers Weekly reviews Adam Prince’s dark and funny collection, writing “Throughout he seeks the coupling of despicable actions and intentions, mining that seedy side of humanity only faintly illuminated by the stubborn hope that we have the power to transcend such ugliness. Prince’s stories are both entertaining and insightful.” Check out the entire review here, and buy a copy of this provocative collection here. It’s the perfect read for these snow-bound winter weeks…

A Radio Interview with Marcel Jolley

Jolley Cover - PriorsKUFM-Montana Public Radio recently interviewed fiction writer Marcel Jolley about his new short story collection Priors, and posted the audio here. It’s a lovely introduction to Marcel’s work, which we adore–as evidenced by the fact that we’ve published three of his books! (His novel, The Following Sea, is available for pre-order; Priors and Neither Here Nor There are available now.) Enjoy!

Upcoming Readings: Adrian Van Young

Van Young Front CoverAdrian is on fire: he’s crossing the country to read from his stunning short story collection The Man Who Noticed Everything, and has a few more to go. Don’t miss out on the fun (and pre-order the book here!):

January 18-Write by Night in Austin, TX at 7 p.m. w/ Jess Saur and Meg McCarron
January 20-NMSU’s MFA Program in Las Cruces, NM
January 23-USCD’s New Writers Reading Series in San Diego, CA at 4 p.m. w/ Maria Rybakova

A New Story by Deborah Clearman

Deborah Clearman, whose novel Todos Santos is a fantastic read–and it’s on sale during NaNoWriMo!–has a new story, “Turista,” in The Hamilton Stone Review. Click here to read it, and here to buy Todos Santos.


The Los Angeles Review writes “Rage and desperation often mix in unexpected ways as the characters in this collection struggle with the lost legacy of privilege and the empty promises of male fantasy, as they also feebly attempt to engage with friends, lovers, and themselves in pursuit of, if not happiness, then a hard fought contentedness… These characters are pitiable yet engaging, struggling to make sense of a world that has allowed them to damage themselves, their stories an attempt at rescue.” Treat yourself to a copy of this compelling and insightful collection here (and read the entire review here).

Anis Shivani: New Poems, New Stories

We’re happy to report that Anis Shivani, author of the sensational collection Anatolia and Other Stories, is as prolific as ever: his new collection of poems, My Tranquil War, is “daring poetry, critical, a history of art and war in the modern age, it’s ‘man read[ing] man to swallow him whole'” according to Poetry Daily, and his new collection of stories, The Fifth Lash, is so good Publisher’s Weekly writes “Shivani is a perceptive writer who puts his finger on the contradictions his characters navigate to survive daily life.” Support small presses and buy all three!


Great reviews keep coming in for Adam Prince’s dark and intelligent collection of stories: the Rumpus writes “[M]ore than about beauty or ugliness, these are stories about inertia. On the surface, they’re about men driven to break the inertia that keeps their lives anchored in conventionality. Underneath, they’re about the other kind of inertia, the kind that hurls you into motion, at an accelerating rate, once you make any move in a new direction.” Read the entire review here, and buy your copy here.

Reminder: BLP at the Boston Book Festival: Tomorrow!

If you’ll be near Boston this weekend, make sure to visit Copley Square and the Boston Book Festival! BLP will be holding court at Booth 14 from 10am-5pm, showing off our ridiculously awesome catalog. Special bonus: author Helen Marie Casey, whose biography of Florence Hosmer is so gorgeous, will sign copies of her book at noon. Hope to see you there!