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Recommended Reading: “The Sub-Leaser” by Adrian Van Young

Van Young Front CoverElectric Literature recommends Adrian Van Young’s potent short story “The Sub-Leaser” this week, an inspired choice! Here’s a teaser:

‘AND SO I RETURNED FROM A SERIES OF ERRANDS to find my apartment unalterably changed. Which change, I should say, was in fact several changes that had, in collusion, effected the one by dint of a sly and concerted campaign against the state of my rooms preceding my absence. Rooms, and not room, to be clear on one thing; namely, that I, their primary tenant, was only fiscally and moreover physically liable for the sustained occupation of one, my room, while the other, which lay around a bend and down a splintered wooden hallway from my own, the north room, I had leased for undetermined months to a certain third party little known to me then. But more of him, the sub-leaser, the stranger, to come.

It is the matter of the change that I wish to embark on.’

Keep reading here, and buy a copy of his prizewinning collection The Man Who Noticed Everything here.


Pence Front CoverDiagram has lovely things to say about Charlotte Pence’s prizewinning poetry chapbook: “Like the early humans conjured in The Branches, the Axe, the Missing, Pence crafts a subtly intricate world with ‘just’ branches, fire, darkness, memory, and the sharp scythe of questions. No doubt, her poems will continue to evolve, too. This is a wise and brave little book, and we’ll soon have a chance to see more; her first full-length collection of poetry is due out from Black Lawrence Press in 2014.” That’s right–more Pence is on the way, and we can’t wait. For now, slake your thirst for “wise and brave” poetry here.


Van Young Front CoverSpeaking of Adrian, his prizewinning short story collection gets some love from Vol. 1 Brooklyn: “Adrian Van Young’s debut collection, The Man Who Noticed Everything, sits neatly between Donald Ray Pollock’s rust-stained noir and Brian Evenson’s more surreal tales of existential horror and bloodletting.” What else do you need to know?

Read the whole review here, and buy a copy of Adrian’s book here (or stop by Table Q7 at AWP!).

Tomorrow: Jen Michalski

Baltimore: Jen Michalski, author of the widely acclaimed novella Could You Be With Her Now, is reading in your city tomorrow! Click here for details. (And keep an eye out for Jen’s forthcoming Big Moose Prize-winning novel, The Tide King; pre-order your copy here.)

Upcoming Reading: Tracy DeBrincat

DeBrincat coverSave the date: Tracy DeBrincat, novelist extraordinaire, will read from her Big Moose Prize-winning title Hollywood Buckaroo on February 23 at Vroman’s Bookstore in Pasadena, CA. Don’t miss out! (And buy a copy of this hilarious and incisive book here…)


Edwards loves B. C. Edwards’ prizewinning short story collection: “The stories in The Aversive Clause draw your attention all over the place, creatively, and delightfully so. If you think the premise of a zombie-romance ala Warm Bodies sounds exciting, wait until you read this book’s gay zombie story ‘Sweetness!’ These stories are loaded with high-concept imagination, but  carry real weight and angst in their sentences. You might be grinning while reading these stories, but they’ll stick with you long after you close the book.” Yep. It’s true. Read the entire review here, and buy a copy here.


Ricca_CoverGulf Coast loves Brad Ricca’s prizewinning poetry collection: “The Cleveland-based poet and filmmaker writes absurd narratives filled with pop-culture allusions, bizarre descriptions of domestic tranquility and strange asides. The often-whimsical poems delight in their imaginative leaps, fresh subject matter and unique language.” Pick up your copy here!

We have a winner! Fall 2012 Black River Chapbook Competition

We’re so excited to announce the winner — congratulations to Simone Muench, whose manuscript Trace has won the Fall 2012 Black River Chapbook Competition!

We’re also pleased to announce that Black Lawrence Press will be publishing two chaps from among our finalists: The New Sorrow Is Less Than the Old Sorrow by Jenny Drai and Oh My Darling by Cate Stevens-Davis.

A complete listing of our finalists and semi-finalists can be found on our blog.

Big thanks to all who entered, and welcome to the BLP family, Simone, Jenny, and Cate!

Research Notes: Jen Michalski

Michalski cover JPGNecessary Fiction invited Jen Michalski, whose Big Moose Prize-winning novel The Tide King will be released later this year, to describe how she approached research for her new collection Could You Be With Her Now. Click here to read this charming essay–and to learn how Jen’s dreams play an integral role in how she builds imagined worlds. (Also, pre-order The Tide King here.)

My First Time: Jen Michalski

Michalski cover JPGThe Quivering Pen interviews Jen Michalski, whose wondrous debut novel The Tide King won the 2012 Big Moose Prize (and is now on sale at a discounted price!). Read on to learn which childhood literary hero influenced her writing (and click here to pre-order The Tide King).