About BLP

Black Lawrence Press is an independent press specializing in books of contemporary literature. The Press will also publish the occasional translation from the German and the French.

Our book contests are unique in that they are open to both poetry and fiction entries. We consider this a natural extension of the literary magazine, which traditionally publishes both fiction and poetry. Having a less limited focus than most other presses’ literary contests affords Black Lawrence Press the opportunity to receive—and publish—the best writing today, period, regardless of genre. Our chapbook contest is offered twice a year, in the spring and fall.

Regular submissions are considered during our semi-annual open reading periods. Black Lawrence Press considers manuscripts in this category in the form of literary novels, poetry, and short story collections. Please check the general submissions page for the most up-to-date guidelines.

Black Lawrence Press has offices in New York, Pittsburgh, and Hong Kong.

4 responses to “About BLP

  1. As Michael Hemmingson has an interest in autoethnography, and in the chaotic canyons of my mind (in the drawer labelled shirts), I have a notion of being an autoethnographer, I’ve linked this blog to my research project page:


  2. Dear Black Lawrence Press. As someone who writes and submits both poetry and fiction (amongst other things), and is concerned also with editing (currently two magazines, one anthology, and a web-based showcase), I am always fascinated and encouraged by the tenacity of small presses.

    Marie Marshall

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