Pascale Petit’s WHAT THE WATER GAVE ME is a “masterpiece”

Grady Harp gives Pascale Petit’s poetry collection What the Water Gave Me: Poems After Frida Kahlo five stars, writing that she  “ties these exquisite poems of the responses to Kahlo’s paintings and life experiences together with a slow extended and unfolding poem in seven parts of incidental reactions to the painting that serves as the cover and the title of this book. She does not miss a beat in the extraordinary life of this important iconic painter. This is poetry of a mature artist, informed not only by her research into the life of her subject and her own background as a visual artist, but as a poet of great skill in the art of communication.” Click here to read the entire review, and here to buy a copy of this exceptional collection.


2 responses to “Pascale Petit’s WHAT THE WATER GAVE ME is a “masterpiece”

  1. I will be back to read the review!

  2. I enjoyed the review and look forward to reading this book. I feel the style of writing as well as the painting play well with my imagination and my own surrealist painting stlye. Reading “The Bus” I found myself seated across from Pascale Petit reliving the moment as if it were a flash back of my own life. I can accept that perhaps on some subconscious level there is a correlation of events or an event that allows me to become so deeply attached to the piece. None the less thank you for sharing.


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