Big Moose Long List Announced!

Congratulations to the authors who made it to the long list! We will announce the short list and the winner within the next few weeks. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Braden Hepner – Dairyman’s Lament
Brian Baldi – The Loud, Large-Scale Heart
Bryan Furuness – The Lost Episodes of Revie Bryson
Caroline Picard – Woof.
Craig Medvecky – Boxing Day, 1977
Deborah Lewis – Hades’ Son
Hester Kaplan – The Tell
Jack Steele – Keats and the General’s Wife
Jacob Appel – The Man Who Wouldn’t Stand Up
Jennifer Anne Moses – Girls Like You
Jennifer Byrne – The Names of Hurricanes
Joe Taylor – Let There Be Lite
Kat Meads – The Fortunes of Fish
Matthew Runkle – Twos
Nathan Holic – Status Updates from the Traveling Role Model
Paul Takeuchi – The Hashimoto Complex
Tracy Debrincat – Hollywood Buckaroo


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