New Review: The Giving of Pears

There is a great new review of Abayomi Animashaun’s The Giving of Pears in The Cafe Review. In the review, Annie Seikonia calls the collection “an utterly refreshing book of poetry”. The review gets even better from there:

These delicate and often fanciful pieces are populated by a mélange of ghosts, unborn children, snippets of village life and culture (the author is a Nigerian émigré), and magical tunings.  Some of them resemble mystical puzzle boxes, crosses between koans and philosophical conundrums, hearkening back to author Abayomi Animashaun’s study of mathematics.  They are clever, sad, amusing and straightforward, without succumbing to pretentiousness.  They contain a haunted music and a vigorous imagination…

You can read the entire review here.

The Giving of Pears, which won The Hudson Prize in 2008, is available from Black Lawrence Press and Amazon.

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