Doll Studies: Forensics

Black Lawrence Press has accepted Doll Studies: Forensics by Carol Guess for publication. A BLP editor who shall not be named (and is not usually prone to bouts of silliness) said this  about Doll Studies during an editorial meeting: “It took me longer than usual to finish this mansucript because the poems are so good that I had to keep stopping so that I could go and jump up and down on my bed.”

About the Book

The poems in Doll Studies are based on artwork created by Frances Glessner Lee during the 1940’s. Lee constructed a series of dollhouse dioramas titled “The Nutshell Studies Of Unexplained Death.” Each diorama depicts a crime scene, littered with clues that may be used to solve the crime. Guess’s poems are a response to Brooklyn photographer Corrine May Botz’s photographs of Lee’s dioramas, as well as her research on the topic.

About the Author

Carol Guess is the author of two novels, Seeing Dell and Switch; a memoir, Gaslight; and two poetry collections, Femme’s Dictionary and Tinderbox Lawn. She is Associate Professor of English at Western Washington University, where she teaches Creative Writing and Queer Studies.

Doll Studies will be available from Black Lawrence Press in early 2012.

One response to “Doll Studies: Forensics

  1. Go, Carol!! Congratulations.

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