Q & A with Matthew Gavin Frank

Frank Cover 3Dear Black Lawrence Friends,

Happy September! We are kicking off the month with an open-ended question and answer session with Matthew Gavin Frank, author of Sagittarius Agitprop, which we proudly published this summer. Matt will be guest blogging all day to answer any questions that you might have about his work and his creative process. He might even dole out some advice on writing and getting published.

We are going to open the discussion by asking Matt a few questions, posted below. We look forward to your questions and hope for an interesting and lively discussion. Please post your questions in the comments section of this post. Matt will review them and respond to as many as possible.

All the best,

Your Black Lawrence Press Pals

1) What are your top five favorite poetry titles? Why do you love them?

2) You write in a few different genres. How do you decide between genres once you have decided to write about something?

3) Are you tackling any craft issues at the moment? If so, what are they and how are you dealing with them?

4)Who are you reading right now?


2 responses to “Q & A with Matthew Gavin Frank

  1. lenavanelslander


    1) Leonard Cohen, The Book of Longing: brilliant poetry!

    Anti-social by David Blaine: excellent contemporary poetry, one of a kind. Speaks where others remain silent.

    Emily Brönte, Poems of Solitude: you have to have a kindred spirit to like it … but I did

    Herman Hesse, The most beautiful by Herman Hesse. Dark, intelligent and cunning.

    Bukowski, South of No North … deliciously absurd.

    2) I write poetry … other genres are in the future tense 😉

    3) not really …

    4) Different books actualy

    1001 nights
    Jim Morrison
    Paradise Lost (John Milton)
    pensées (Pascale).

    And I just read The Master and Margarita (Bulgakov), Antisocial (David Blaine) and Onder Professoren (Willen Frederik Hermans)

    Warmest regards,

  2. Thanks, Lena! I appreciate all the recommendations, and look forward to pouring through them.

    Paradise Lost– wow! Rock on.


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